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Settings Buttons

In general for this section, the values control the value in the play queue item - and thus are not saved in the state.

So if you return to a play queue item again, it will retain the speed and fx level etc.

If you want to save these values more permanently for a visual, use a preset and optionally add it to a playlist.


You can control speed for the currently playing item in the play queue. 0% is halted / no movement for most visuals.

FX Level

FX level controls the audio reaction level.

Base Time

The minimum time before progression moves on to the next visual in the play queue.

Random factor

This percentage times a random value between 0.1 is added to the base time when calculating a new countdown time which happens when a new visual is playing.

The formula is:

new_time = base_time + base_time * random_factor * random_value_0_to_1;

So if you want no randomness at all, set the random factor to 0%.


Then times can range from 60s to 90s and anything in between.